Living Photos

The sparkling swimming pool, the wind blowing through the tall grass,
It's like that one perfect moment just goes on forever.


Use Animated GIF's and looping video to create an impression

Our clients should be paying attention to cinemagraphs for visual storytelling, because each image has all the visual punch and immediacy of video, without the barrier to entry of a play button.

When done well and used effectively, cinemagraphs are an enchanting and beautiful tool for telling a brand’s story. Auto-play looping capabilities on sites like Instagram and Facebook also mean that cinemagraphs are easy to consume, but hard to ignore.

Additional Living Photo Examples

Sonoma Wine Bar Advertisement
Poolside at 91Fifty
Hot Tub at The View
Billiards at Legends

Benefits of Living Photos

Instant impact on your homepage

Because living photos are designed to autoplay, the audience is more quickly immersed into your marketing message.

Leverage on social media

Cinemagraphs and GIFs have become more popular in Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and in most cases will autoplay, where standard video will not.

Eye catching remarketing ads

When your property's ad shows up on an unrelated webpage, the video-like movement will grab the users attention.

It's beautiful and cost effective

When developing a marketing campaign, cinemagraphs offer an engaging format at a fraction of the cost of producing video.

Living Photo Creation

Use the power of a cinemagraph in your next marketing campaign.
starting at $800

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